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Abby, the Abandoned Mama

Meet our newest rescue, temporarily named Abby. This sweet mama *seems* to have been dumped after having puppies. She is skin and bones, with overgrown nails, scabs across her face, and gets desperately panicked if left alone for even moments.

We will spend the next week or two manually nursing a few times a day, helping her body understand that it is time to stop producing milk. We have to be careful with not feeding her too much, as she is emaciated and we don't want to damage her system by over feeding. It's a delicate balance to help her gain nutrients, but not throw off her electrolytes.

Once her milk has dried up, we will set an appointment to have her spayed and vaccinated.

Today she will get a nail trim and a bath, hopefully getting the stink of death off her. For now, she rests at my feet, calm and safe.

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