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Meet Sammy

Updated: Feb 27

Name: Samson

Age: ~ 4 years

Breed: Great Pyrenees

Size: Large

*UPDATE* February 27th, 2023.


never left. He wormed is way into our heart and has become the guardian for the Rescue. He takes his job seriously, and his recall is improving by the day. We love him dearly, and are so proud of the incredible progress he has made over the last 6 months!

* Fall 2022* This dog came to us in an emergency situation. The owner had passed from cancer, and his good friend was tasked with rehoming not just Samson here, but his two other dogs as well. They were an elderly couple, so that was quite a daunting task with a high risk of falling. They were able to re-home the two smaller dogs, but Samson was proving to be quite a challenge. Approaching their wits end with Samson, they questioned putting him down for good. Not wanting to let his good friend down, the elderly couple reached out to us for help.

Our first impression with Samson went really well. He greeted us easily at the beginning and was excited to be here. It wasn't until the owners left that he showed signs of aggression.We understood the couple's concerns, and immediately went into action in counter-conditioning Samson. After just a few days, he has shown considerable signs of improvement. We will continue to update as he progresses.

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