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Sweet Pea

Meet Sweet Pea. This 2 year old scruff showed up just over a week ago. We received multiple calls from neighbors reporting a small wandering black and white old dog. After a couple of days, our neighbor was able to catch him, and we jumped into action. According to a message we received on our website, he had been homeless in madras for weeks before someone dropped him off out here.

After removing the mats from his genitals and bum, getting the cheatgrass out of his paws and cheek, giving him a bath and a haircut, he is looking much better. What looked like a senior pup was a younger babe in discomfort.

He is not fixed and not chipped, which typically means not vaccinated. He had his vet appointment today and was told he needed to slim down because he's a bit chonky. Typically, we are at the other end of the spectrum, so it's good to know he wasn't starving.

We will be scheduling him to be neutered and vaccinated, and as always, need your assistance to do so. ♡

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