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Juniper"s Journey continues....

We first connected with Juniper in October of 2022. She was dumped at a Board & Train in Southern California shortly after being "adopted" from a shelter. As local shelters and rescues are overloaded across the country right now, they ended up reaching out to us as the only no-kill option they could find. We leapt into action, scouring transport options, calling rescues and shelters along the 900 miles between us. Wall after wall, we kept running into barriers to help her. Finally, a Central Oregon gal stepped up, driving all the way to L.A. and back to save sweet June Bug and offering to foster her.

Her foster quickly fell in love, and they have been happily coexisting in Terrebonne for the last 6 months. She has gone above and beyond making the transition as smooth as possible for Juniper, problem solving any issues to arise. However, her landlord never fell for June quite the same way, and frequently taunted her or blamed her for destruction in the home. The last straw was finding the Landlord's cat deceased in the backyard, though no one was home when any incident may have occurred. Juniper's dedicated foster is in danger of losing her own housing if another foster cannot be found for Juniper.

Juniper is a delightful girl, silly and sweet. A total cuddle bug who does well in the car and on leash, she makes a great adventure companion. she loves other dogs, and prefers to spend time with her person as she does have some separation anxiety. We need immediate help to re-home her, before her foster becomes homeless as well.

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