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Notes from Abby's Foster

Wonderful World of Abby

 She knows ‘Leave-it’ to an extent (on low drive things in the household).

 She knows Sit, lay down (when not distracted)

She will go to the bathroom (pee) on command if you tell her to ‘go potty’. She circles around

for a while before pooping.

On walks, she is a heavy sniffer and responds well to ‘Abby, let’s go’. She likes to figure-8 walk in front of you. Pulls a lot with standard collar but with easy-walk harness (front clip) pulls much less.

 High prey drive with squirrels, deer, etc. With cats indoors, she wants to play bow and will circle them (probably the herding breed in her).

She whines heavy when needing to go to the bathroom outside and is potty trained.

She sleeps throughout the night on a dog bed out in the open living room. She has anxiety when


She has separation anxiety from her primary human, but with the company of another dog or

human, this minimizes her worries and sadness when left behind.

She does wonderful in cars and loves to stick her head out the window.

 First few days in foster home, she was sad and nervous so her stools were soft, and she

frequently had to relieve herself outside. It took her 1.5 days to finally eat again.

She has dry, itchy (but healing) skin, so I added DogMX Wild Salmon Oil Blend with Omega-3

fatty acids and it helped her with itching and her fur regrowth where it was needed. She also

loves the flavor.

She will bark at other dogs while on the leash but plays well with them. Its just the from afar

reaction that works her up.

Not food aggressive or toy aggressive. I have comfortably been able to grab her bowl while

eating, toy from her mouth, etc. She may try to play keep away though.

She loves belly rubs a lot!

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